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Here are some of the questions we hear often.
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Why do I have such low water pressure?

The Pressure Regulator at the front of your property may not be allowing the proper amount of water flow to go through your water pipes.

  1.  We can check the water pressure.
  2. Determine if the pressure problem is affecting all of the water pressure or if it is localized.
  3. If it is localized, we may need to replace a shut-off valve servicing the fixture.
  4. If the water pressure problem is system-wide, we will replace the water pressure regulator that services the whole property’s system.

Why do I have such high water pressure?

A: The water pressure regulator servicing your property may be allowing excessive pressure through the regulator. The internal springs in the existing pressure regulator may have seized up or are frozen allowing too much water pressure through the pressure regulator valve. A new pressure regulator may need to be installed.

A: You may not have a pressure regulator that regulates the pressure prior to the water coming onto your property. We will install a new water pressure regulator prior to coming into your home/business.

Why does my toilet make noises in the middle of the night?

There are a few possible symptoms.

A: We may need to apply some color dye to the back of the tank and determine if the flapper is not seating on the flush valve properly. We would then replace the flapper.

A: The flush valve may have an imperfection on it, causing the flapper to not be able to have a proper seal. The water will then slowly leak through, and your fill valve in the toilet will turn back on to fill up the tank (the noise you hear in the middle of the night). We may need to replace the flush valve and flapper.

A: The fill valve in the back of your toilet has a sensor that detects when/where your desired water level has been reached. If the sensor is corroded or has any debris in it, the fill valve will not operate properly and not shut off when the desired water level is met. The water will then constantly fill the tank (the noise you hear in the middle of the night). We will replace the fill valve in the back of the toilet. 

Do you do tile and granite work?

A: Yes, we have highly skilled and qualified tile layers that do in-house. Or based on the scope of the work, we may use a licensed sub-contractor. All desired materials can be used: tile, glass, travertine, granite. In all locations: floors, countertops, walls, ceilings, indoor showers, outdoor showers. Click here to view our tile work gallery.